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New Theatre Restaurant Selects iSolved to Reduce Paperwork and Meet Unique HR Needs

01 August, 2018 | Press Releases


Charlotte, NC— August 1, 2018

After a review process of almost two years, New Theatre Restaurant has chosen iSolved as the HCM platform best suited to meet the unique payroll and HR needs of the Kansas City, Missouri, dinner theatre, according to Lindsey Schull, director of personnel.

Schull said restaurants in particular have a lot of unique HR-related challenges.

“The system we had been using was a very manual process,” she said. “We have tons of paper and we had to do things nine times in three separate systems that don’t talk to each other. We have everything from a production office to our tipped employees, cooks, maintenance staff and sales people. Our [previous] system wouldn’t even export into Excel, so in order to compile reports of data, we would have to manually enter that in the spreadsheet, which was very time consuming.”

Schull noted that the unique aspects of the system and how they worked for the restaurant industry specifically were driving factors in selecting iSolved.

“[During the search,] we had pretty much looked at every type of software and system out there,” Schull said. “We met with iSolved reps at the very end. When we went through the demo, the first things they hit on [were] the unique things in the restaurant industry and how their system could move us forward, which was great. I really feel like it helped open our company owner’s mind up to the fact there is a system that can handle the unique diversities of the restaurant industry. And iSolved had the well-rounded HCM component, where you could take everything from human resources and time and attendance. The more data that you put in the one system, the more reporting ability you have.”

New Theatre Restaurant presents musicals and comedies featuring veteran TV, film and Broadway stars, plus gourmet dining in its restaurant. The company has committed to iSolved’s comprehensive package with carrier feeds and ACA Pro.

Schull said they will be considering adding Engage in the future.

“To be able to expand that training to all the different unique types of things that engage the employees would be good,” Schull stated.

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