iSolved Adds Scheduling Solution to Ensure Compliance with City and State Predictive Scheduling Laws

24 June, 2020


iSolved Time Scheduling to support retail, hospitality, health care and other labor-intensive industries, improving employee shift scheduling and streamlining business operations

Charlotte, NC June 24, 2020 iSolved HCM, a leading provider of people solutions, announced today the launch of Scheduling, an add-on module that provides employers with advanced scheduling features, including the ability to simplify compliance to predictive scheduling regulations that are being enacted in numerous cities and states.

Predictive scheduling requires employers to provide employees their work schedules in advance and bans most on-call scheduling. Extra pay must be given to employees if the employer changes the schedule after it is posted. iSolved Scheduling helps employers build and manage employee shifts that comply with predictive scheduling laws in cities and states across the nation, including San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, and the entire state of Oregon.

In addition to improving employee communication and accountability, the new Scheduling module provides a flexible setup for shifts and schedule parameters, outlines shift eligibility and availability and offers access to shift templates for recurring schedules. Employees receive instant notifications when schedules are posted, rather than having to communicate with managers via email, and can request the shifts they want to work as well as shift coverage within a pool of fellow employees.

Now more than ever before, regular communication is essential to keep employees up to date on when they are scheduled to work, said Trish Stromberg, chief marketing officer. Without an automated scheduling solution, companies lose the ability to reduce labor costs, optimize labor coverage and track predictive scheduling compliance as needed opening themselves up to regulatory fines and employee turnover.

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Lina Tonk, VP of Marketing | Office: 980-272-2453 |

Media contact: Lina Tonk, vice president of marketing • 980-272-2453 •