isolved for Health Services Launches Amid Double-Digit Growth in a Healthcare Industry Facing a Dire Talent Shortage

28 February, 2022

The Company’s Comprehensive Built-for-Healthcare Solution Helps Simplify the Human Resource Complexities in Modern Healthcare Service Operations

Charlotte, NC — February 28, 2022

Human resources is rapidly changing, but no other industry has faced as significant human capital management (HCM) challenges and changes as healthcare. In isolved’s 2022 survey of over 500 HR leaders, medical and health industry respondents were more likely to say “burnt out” employees was the top retention challenge at their organization – more than any other field. Over a third (36 percent), however, rate their company’s employee experience (EX) as average or poor—despite their staff being most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, isolved is announcing isolved People Cloud for Healthcare Services, laser-focused to address critical areas like talent acquisition, human resources and payroll, workforce management and talent management.


isolved has an extensive and tenured footprint in the healthcare industry with over 10 years and 10 percent of its 145,000 employers served representing clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, care in the community and senior-living providers. Milestone Retirement Communities is one such customer, providing a range of caring and compassionate senior-housing options. A complex organization serving 40 retirement communities in 11 states, Milestone selected isolved in 2021 to have a single solution for recruiting, onboarding and payroll while eliminating manual tasks, managing complexity, improving self-service, achieving compliance and ensuring correct permissions across their 2,200 strong workforce.


“With isolved being the HCM technology of choice for every community, we’re already beginning to see how People Cloud is helping us streamline employee experience,” said Natalie Ross, executive vice president of human services at Milestone. “isolved has been a very good choice for Milestone Retirement Communities.”


“With isolved, there is one customer success manager who stays with us regardless if it’s a tax question, a payroll question or a hiring question,” said David Sullivan, director of shared services at Milestone. “The same person gets what they need from their colleagues but is the single point of contact for us, which helps enormously with support and our success. This ease of support has been a tremendous value-add to our selection of isolved.”


This combination of highly capable software (included in G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards list for HR Software, based on positive customer feedback and company momentum), world-class support and, additionally, on-demand HR services, means that healthcare customers can be confident they have industry-specific technology and the support they need to deliver the services their employees and patients depend on. Seventy-eight percent of healthcare HR leaders say EX is a priority at their company with the number-one reason to improve retention rates.


“Existing HR technology has often lagged behind today’s healthcare services needs,” said James Norwood, chief marketing and strategy officer at isolved. “isolved is meeting these new challenges with our packaged solutions for healthcare organizations. These providers shouldn’t need to lose sleep over recruiting and compliance or advanced scheduling. By removing those complexity challenges, isolved gives health service organizations the ability to focus on caring for their practice and patients by way of fully staffed workforces, engaged employees and predictive insights to plan for what’s next.”


HR organizations who are working to improve EX need to be data-based and agile – to make smarter decisions faster. isolved People Cloud for Healthcare Services includes predictive modeling and what-if analysis to far more accurately predict the results of changes such as pay increases or training opportunities. Healthcare companies also need product features like isolved People Cloud’s scheduling by occupancy, on-call shifts, automated rules and other data-specific workforce management tools.


Additionally, isolved People Cloud provides performance-ready progressive web app design to simplify mobile access in hospitals, for care workers in the community or wherever patient care is conducted while aligning with modern consumer-grade design expectations. These increasing expectations are one reason 73 percent of healthcare HR leaders say EX has become a broader company initiative.


To learn more about how isolved People Cloud for healthcare services can help companies address today’s challenges and offer a superior EX, book a demo today. To see the full report’s findings, download here.

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