iSolved PressRoom

We cannot remain silent.

We at iSolved value our role as a nation-wide business, as a family of employees, as a diverse group of people, especially in these current and difficult times. But these are not normal times, and commitment to fundamental human rights, inclusion and diversity within our communities has never been more important. We cannot remain silent.

The culture of our business is solidly grounded in encouraging diversity in all its forms, and as colleagues we can and do choose to make a positive impact not just within the workplace but within the broader community, to help give voice to those who need it most, to support peaceful protest against racial injustice as a democratic human right, and to always condemn illegal, unlawful, inhumane, or discriminatory action or intent against others.

But we can always do more, beginning with listening.

Our world is not perfect but change for the better is always possible, and so we at iSolved will continue to listen and to learn, to build our knowledge and our understanding, so we can help with action against injustice, and bring about the positive change we want to see in our society.

To make our business and our world a better place for everyone.

#diversity #equality #inclusion #blacklivesmatter