isolved Announces People Cloud Expense Management

21 September, 2021


isolved Connect, Miami — September 21, 2021

Company Reduces Friction and Risk by Simplifying the Number of Systems and Processes Required to Manage the End-to-End Employee Experience


The number-one technology employees feel they are missing at work to do their job most effectively is “a single system for all work functions” according to isolved’s latest Voice of the Workforce research. One of the most powerful aspects of isolved People Cloud is that it is an intelligently connected human capital management (HCM) platform that centralizes all HR processes. The launch of isolved Expense Management extends this by providing an effortless approach for reimbursements and reporting from within the same platform employers already use for onboarding, benefits, payroll, time management, performance reviews, communication, employee engagement and more.


By having a rich expense management tool within isolved People Cloud, employees can easily file their expenses and get reimbursed faster since expenses and payroll are in one connected platform. Employers are then able to offer a single sign-on for all HR-related tasks, connect the entire employee journey and get funds in their employees’ hands faster. Businesses also get centralized reporting and tax management while reducing their cybersecurity risk with a single, secure system.


“Expense management is an important part of any employee experience and keeping it simple and accessible is critical,” said Geoff Webb, VP of product marketing and strategy at isolved. “isolved Expense Management eliminates the need to sign into a different system which means employees have a consistent, easy-to-navigate experience available from any device. So now employees and employers have access to everything they need to manage expenses, get the reports they want, and even more importantly, get back to the business of doing their jobs sooner.”


isolved Expense Management, an app within isolved People Cloud, allows for:


  • Adaptive Expense Management: Leveraging isolved’s Adaptive Employee Experience, employees can take photos of and upload receipts and file claims, regardless of Internet connectivity while supervisors can quickly approve claims from any device.
  • At-a-Glance Employee Dashboard: Each employee can see their expense status (entered/approved/denied/returned/paid), expense pay history and any documents needed for their personal tax statements.
  • Intelligently Connected Admin Dashboard: With a single view for approval workflows, reporting and more, administrators get what they need quickly to ensure accurate processing.
  • Company-Wide Reporting: Benefiting from a single system of record, admins can track expenses by business category, purpose, subcategories, departments and other drill-down reporting including full integration into their finance general ledger.
  • Advanced Protection: Hackers look for third-party systems with potential weak spots as entrances into a company. By bringing expense management into a company’s single HR system of record versus yet another a third-party application, isolved customers benefit from the highest security and compliance standards of Microsoft Azure and isolved People Cloud.

isolved Expense Management is expected to be available for order during the fourth calendar quarter of 2021.  Request a demo here.

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